The Gingerbread City: Sustainable design for a sweet tooth!

The Gingerbread City: Sustainable design for a sweet tooth!

The Museum of Architecture’s (MOA) Gingerbread City is back for 2017 – and we at seven architecture are delighted to be involved.

It’s a fundraising exhibition which aims to engage the public in architecture. It challenges architects to design, bake and build their own gingerbread buildings, and our Associate Director Lisa McFarlane is leading our gingerbread build!

The theme of this year’s city is Health and Well-Being, focusing on sustainable buildings that encourage clean living. With green spaces, open routes, pedestrianised walkways, renewable energy sources and high quality builds, the city is designed to lead its gingerbread residents to be healthy and happy.

Lisa McFarlane made the parts of her building for the Gingerbread City from scratch

The Gingerbread City in situLisa's design in the Gingerbread City









After many hours of designing, baking and building, Lisa has created an 8-9 storey mixed-use building for the Eco-Town area of the Gingerbread City. It features two active frontages at ground floor level, with residential upper floors containing private and communal balconies and terraces. Of course, it has all made structurally from gingerbread with melted sugar glazing. The building sits within Treacle Tech Hub – a high density area with a sustainable, clean and green landscape.

Visitors can vote for their favourite buildings and three prizes are given to projects with innovative designs. The funds raised by the exhibition go towards the MOA creating programming and exhibitions for the upcoming year.

The exhibition runs until Friday 22nd December and more information can be found on the official website: