Students’ Great Pier project hits the headlines

Students’ Great Pier project hits the headlines

Bryan from the seven architecture Harrogate studio is tutoring for the University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture during the current academic year, mentoring architecture students through their M-Arch qualification. This has involved working on the ‘Great Pier’, part of Sheffield’s live project initiative, which looks to develop a pier-like architectural intervention over the old Castle Market site in the city.

Great Pier project 2

Currently, plans are to excavate Sheffield Castle and the Great Pier will be used by residents and shoppers to access the site and see the archaeology as it develops.

The Great Pier project is working with augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) to look back at the past and into the future of the site. The students have created a 3D model allowing participants to interact with and experience the site and proposed pier through a VR headset. The project is looking to further expand its use of VR, with the idea that people will be able to ‘walk through’ the streets of the future as well as look back at the site of the past, building an image of the original Old Castle in augmented reality.

The project has been gaining traction in the local press, with students presenting their proposal in both physical and virtual reality models to invited guests from businesses, local residents, artists and councillors at the site in November.

If investment is secured, construction of the pier will begin on site in 2018.

Great Pier project 4