seven renew is a specialist, design-led conservation team within seven architecture.
Our aim is to sensitively integrate contemporary architecture with building conservation. We promote the careful restoration of our built heritage, but believe where an original use is no longer viable, that buildings must develop and adapt to the changing social and cultural needs of society.

seven renew is an innovative team which respects and appreciates buildings of architectural or historic value. We do not feel the need to replicate the past, but understand the importance of researching the buildings history to inform our designs to ensure that interventions and additions are appropriate.

The specialist conservation expertise within seven renew can provide a variety of services tailored to individual project requirements including :-

• Statements of Significance
• Heritage Impact Statements
• Conservation Management Plans
• Scheduling of historical features and repairs
• Assessment of visual impact of development on historic settings
• Design of new buildings within historical settings

The seven renew team can work both independently and in collaboration with the seven architecture team, providing a fully integrated, sensitive approach to the development of proposals that achieve the client’s requirements whilst protecting and enhancing the significance of the heritage asset.