Seven have an impressive portfolio of architectural design projects having been rated BREEAM* ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’.

BREEAM is the British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is used to assess the environmental performance of new and existing buildings. The aim of BREEAM is to set standards for sustainable building design addressing a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use.

BREEAM assessment involves a holistic series of appraisals which measure the performance of the building  across several aspects including the design, overall  management, energy in use, health and well being, pollution, transport, land use, ecology, materials and water.  The assessment looks at each of these areas and awards credits according to the performance of the building against specific criteria which then combine to produce an overall rating based on a weighting system.

Zero-e have substantial expertise at evaluating and monitoring projects from their outset, ensuring that they are aligned with the BREEAM accreditation system to help achieve their maximum rating.