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Contemporary Renovation and Extension

Fordhall Community Land Initiative
Community, Heritage

Seven transformed this previously semi-derelict dairy building at Fordhall Farm in Shropshire. Working closely with the local council, the team secured ‘Detailed Planning and Conservation Area Approval’ to completely renovate the original building and add a contemporary new extension, providing new offices, classroom, tea room, butchery and farm shop.

The design was well-crafted using sustainable methods to ensure economic and environmental value for the client. The original fabric of the building is insulated using blown recycled newspaper in the floor void, sheep’s woollen fleeces in the roof and thermo-hemp insulation with a lime/hemp rendered inner skin. An air source heat pump powered by a photo-voltaic array mounted on the pitched roof provides heating. A green roof has been planted with wild meadow flowers and grasses native to the local area.

It is now the permanent home of FCLI, providing a friendly and contemporary space to be enjoyed by the local community.