Seven joined a number of architectural practices in designing and building a bespoke gingerbread house for this year’s ‘Gingerbread City’ exhibition held at the V&A Museum in London.  The exhibition created by the Museum of Architecture was based on the theme of ‘Imagining the Future City’ and included buildings such as hospitals, stadiums, gyms, cinemas, a roller coaster and much more!


Made entirely from gingerbread, sweets and other edible products, the exhibition is a delight to all the senses!


Based on a masterplan created by Tibbald’s Seven’s proposed mixed use design demonstrates how development in the future city will include compact multiple uses to reduce travel time by providing a combination of hotel and vibrant live/work units.  Multi-functional space is included with ground floor units providing workshop/office space spilling out onto the adjacent landscaped square.  A green wall covers the main façade of the hotel increasing the biodeviersity and contributes to the unique micro-climate of Gingerbread City!


The exhibition was recently featured on BBC News…you can watch the clip here


The exhibition runs from 6th December 2018 through to Sunday 6th January 19.


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