We always strive to live by our culture and values, and continually seek to improve upon what we deliver. This includes unlocking potential and honing skills in our people; the lifeblood to our practice.

Seven months ago, our studio leaders from across the practice took the challenge and enrolled in the ‘Step into Management’ programme course via Morgan James Consulting. The programme consisted of seven monthly sessions to provide a toolbox of models, ideas, skills and experiences to improve relationships and how to manage others effectively. Seven months on, the group has just graduated. So, what changes has the business seen over this period? And how is the learning being implemented?

Studio leader, Guy Moulson, said “The programme has been eye-opening, and the entire studio leaders’ team has made a big step forward in developing their professional skills and objectives. The programme has allowed us to work together collectively to deliver a culture of mutual support, analyse any issues we may face and recognise that behavioural differences in the team are to be celebrated. There’s definitely now a clarity and assurance in our minds that our management approach is collaborative and effective, which will no doubt help strengthen our practice.

“In addition to improving our day-to-day management skills, the team is now a much stronger collective group. We regularly meet to discuss rolling out new initiatives, business improvements or maybe just chat around managing any awkward situations; we simply communicate a lot more and share knowledge and experiences.”

Simon Parker, director at Seven commented “From the very outset, we’ve always been fully committed to providing a positive impact here at Seven, it’s in our DNA. By having a supportive management group, who live and breathe our unique culture and values, we’ve created a strong team to successfully and confidently assist the Directors over the forthcoming years within a growing business.

“This programme hasn’t just been about developing talent, is has provided a confidence to the group which has seen an immediate impact in our management strategy and wider initiatives. We’re very proud of our studio leaders, so a huge well done to Guy, Ruth, Stephen, Zoe and Simon. Onwards and upwards!”