The last couple of months we have been on a learning curve to ‘Stress Less – Smile More’, thanks to Nicky Lloyd Greame aka The Stress Specialist.

Nicky has joined us in the office, over three separate sessions throughout April and May, to focus on the following topics for our staff:

  • Stress Introduction
  • Power of Environment
  • Power of Communication
  • Power of Physiology
  • Power of Thoughts
  • Power of Habits

Utilising a methodology based around exercising your mind the programme is about helping build strength and resilience of the mind in the same way you would work on your physical fitness.

Nicky commented, “In addition to helping you manage stress much more effectively, it can transform the way you look at every area of your life. It can also build confidence, help you at work, develop communication skills, enable you to have more fun and generally helps you develop a healthier mental health.”

Anonymous feedback from our staff has been exceptionally positive:

“The seminars were very useful. Good group dynamic and good course content. I think taking the time to think about the issues and responses was very worthwhile.”

“There were several useful ways to understand stress and how they can be viewed differently.”

“Conversations between the team were raised to a level we might not have achieved previously.”

“The efforts made to address stress and promote well-being in the Practice was genuinely appreciated, and the fact the sessions were delivered by Nicky who was personable, knowledgeable and spoke from personal experience, appeared to make a great difference to how the course content was received.”

Find out more about the sessions here: